Hello fellow Genealogist!  My name is Michelle Reed and I am from the Southeastern part of Michigan.  I have been researching my own family history and building my family tree since about 1998.  Within this website, you will find my ongoing process of creating my family’s genealogy and history so that I can easily share it with my distant cousins.  I will be documenting and adding on occasion, so check back often to see new updates!

If you want to get back to the Family Tree portion of my website, you can CLICK HERE.


Here is a surname list within 4 generations of me:

Maternal Side:

  • Reed
  • Moody
  • Bundren
  • Devine
  • Harris
  • Bennett
  • Watkins
  • Ferguson

Paternal Side:

  • Roberts
  • Allen
  • Lohr
  • Muehleisen
  • O’Rourke
  • Matoon
  • Blouse
  • Baisch

Locations are an important part of research.  Some of the most recent areas
(within 4 generations) that my family planted their roots in include:

Maternal Side:

  • Wayne Co., MI
  • Monroe Co., MI
  • McCracken Co., KY
  • Marshall Co., KY
  • Graves Co., KY
  • Calloway, KY
  • Muhlenburg Co. KY
  • Henry Co., TN
  • Grainger, TN
  • Henry, VA
  • Williamson, IL
  • Guildford, NC
Paternal Side:

  • St. Clair Co., MI
  • Tuscola Co., MI
  • Macomb Co., MI
  • Monroe Co., MI
  • Baden-Württemberg, Germany
  • Ireland





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