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Noteworthy Links

As I am on my journey through the interwebs, I usually come across some interesting pages of information. I will post these links below so I can refer back to them later, or you may possibly enjoy them as well.

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When I first started creating my family tree (around the turn of this century in 1999/2000), I started with pen and paper. I had a set of old typed up pages from a great aunt who started recording her family history. I found some family charts at my local library and started filling in everything I knew of my family, starting with my son first.   As I continued on, I used the internet to aid in my research.  This lead me to some wonderful websites full of not only records and other data, but a community of other genealogists who were both friendly and helpful to this newbie.

Some of the most frequented sites I visited were:


There were also a few really good links that I visited often, but over the last 17 years, they have changed or closed down.

The very first genealogy software that I purchased was Family Tree Maker. They were actually on floppy disks and when I upgraded to a newer version they were on CDs.  I was so amazed at everything I could enter in these programs, and I could easily search through my growing tree and work on specific families or areas.  Then came and its subscription-based online program.  It was quite buggy in the beginning, but over time, quickly became a huge deal for everyone to store their GEDCOM on the internet, and link all of their records together.  I always kept updated versions of FTM to create charts and pages/books, and to manually enter some data, but it was quite time consuming to duplicate data. Then came the ability to SYNC both Ancestry and Family Tree Maker!!!  Life became so wonderful!!!  Working on my family tree really took off as I could easily go back and forth between each and continue to search many records and other data.

Since I had a MacBook computer, I also invested in a Mac-based program called iFamily for Leopard, now known as iFamily for Mac.  This little program was truly amazing!! There were very little limitations to it and you could really build your tree based on REAL information, instead of guided information like from FTM.  Example: If you had a woman who was married multiple times and had multiple children by several different men (some married to, some not) you could specify the relationships exactly, instead of an assumed marriage or adoption relationship.  Well, the creator of iFamily has passed away and his son has taken it over, but really, it is just a dying program.  I wish someone would really help this guy carry on his fathers legacy and expand iFamily with better support and more updates.  But I digress…..

After a hard drive crash, I luckily had the sense to back everything up on an external drive.  Getting my programs back on the new drive and learning about the many changes in FTM and Ancestry, I am super excited at the possibility of growing my tree even more!  At my highest, I think I had about 3500 people in my tree, but I know some of the farther out generations became jumbled, with duplications and incorrect links to the wrong families.  So in 2015, I decided that since the syncing capabilities between Ancestry and FTM were so awesome, I would basically start everything fresh and build a whole new tree!

And I did just that!  So here I am now working on my family tree again, but this time, I now have this lovely website that I can also use as a reference tool. Family Tree Maker was taken over by a company called MacKiev, and Ancestry is working with them on a new version of Family Sync. Boy I am excited to see how this new merger will look and act.  I even signed up to be a Beta Tester!  So we shall see what the future holds my gen-bugs! Until next time!


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Autosomal DNA

Our roots run deep all across the world.
In 2015, I began to help my ex-husband find his birth family, since he was adopted. He ordered his DNA test from I wanted to see what kind of results they produced before I purchased my own.  I was impressed!! It helped me to successfully find his birth family!  So I ordered one for myself and eventually one for my son.  I found some amazing discoveries!!
From doing all of my research, I traced the majority of my ancestors as coming directly from Germany and Ireland, and a couple from England.  So I always identified myself as mostly German-Irish with a sprinkle of English.  Because of my fair skin and light hair, I just “felt” like I was more Irish than anything.  But to my surprise, according to this DNA result, I am sadly only 14% Irish, but a whopping 71% British!  Upon further digging, the German heritage falls between the Europe West and Europe East portion of my results and I have just small amounts of those.  Oddly, I remember discovering one of my ancestors census record showing he was born in Asia one decade, and marked as born in Turkey the next decade.  I believe this is where my West Asia/Caucasus 2% comes directly from. I have still yet to correlate who hails from European Jewish, Italy/Greece and Scandinavia. Maybe some day….
As a comparison, below are my son’s DNA results.  I was really shocked to see he had less than 1% of African North, but assume that must come from his father’s side. He has a more diluted mixture than I do, but we can see where I lack, he gets not just the African North, but Iberian Peninsula and Finland/Northwest Russia from his father’s DNA.  I have also started his Family Tree, but his fathers-father came directly from Hungary and his fathers-mother’s family was from Canada. So I don’t have the luxury of a long line of Americans to research the records for.

I was able to download my Raw DNA Data from Ancestry. From there I was able to upload it to a few other DNA database sites to find other matches to my DNA.  When researching your family or ancestry with DNA, it is a totally different animal you are dealing with.  You have to have a pretty good understanding of the science behind it. I recommend that if you are getting your test, or already have, and want to research further into it, there are some wonderful sites out there that explain it way better than I ever could.  I will list them below.

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2017 Begins!

Hello and welcome to my new website for my genealogy and family history. I have been researching on and off since 1998 when my son was a baby and there was a family tree sheet in his baby book. That was way before Ancestry and other websites became so popular. Back then, Family Tree Maker was a hot ticket computer program that you had to purchase in a multiple CD disk set and install on your home computer.  It allowed you to enter all of your information but was buggy and challenging to use. It was the best out there at the time, and set the standard for all of the record-keeping programs out there now.  To do research, I had to go to the library and look up census records indexes out of books, and that was only if the library had certain states.  You had to go to cemetery’s and court houses and spend hours looking through indexes and books and different records.  It was a very time-consuming hobby!

Currently, I can jump online and do some quick searches to see if I can find some records online. If I have reached a brick wall, I have to get creative with my online searching.  If all else fails, then I have to resort to my old ways of doing research, which include visiting libraries, court houses, cemetery’s, etc.

Over the years, I have collected a massive amount of data on my own family tree, and a few others along the way. Rather than store everything in boxes and totes, I have decided it was time to put it all online to share with others.  I get the occasional “distant cousin” who is searching for their own family tree history and praying for a little nugget that connects them to me or helps them beat down their own brick wall. I have so much data now, it has become a challenge to remember every single ancestor and their lineage.  So this website will assist me in helping others by providing, not only me, but others a reference point.

I hope you will continue checking in with me often here, as I have a little more free time and will try to update the site as often as I can. Happy Root Hunting!